It made sense in my mind

Often, we have thoughts that are beautiful, and meaningful, and life changing. Often these thoughts can not be communicated, because they exist only in the context of our own realities.

These are some of mine, and while I don't expect anyone to see them the way I do, they will see them somehow and that in an of itself if beautiful.

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(by top//knot)


(by top//knot)


There is a certain type of fatigue that cannot be overcome by sleep. It is a mental fatigue, one caused by ceaseless worrying, and calculating. One that is hard to overcome, because it has become ingrained in us, even though it eats us alive. 


The world will keep revolving, it is our job to try to keep up.


for once in my life the pessimistic me is happy, and the optimistic me is terrified 


We are all broken, we just have to figure out how to believe that it is ok. No one is a superhero, and that just has to be ok.


I can never do anything without a touch of drama. Maybe it is the universe telling me that nothing really matters, or maybe it is because I’m a total dunce and am incapable of not losing everything that is ever important. 

What if money were no object?



I never thought that I would fall in love with art, I don’t know why. I always thought of myself as loving books, not really reading them, it took me a long time to learn how to do that, but the information they contained. Now I know that I love trying to express what I feel in a way that words have never done for me, and I’m excited by the power that has.


 Shirley-Ann Dick   

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